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RSB Consulting provides quality and professional accounting and bookkeeping services.  RSB consulting has been formed with a focus on proving quality and professional accounting and tax services in India.

Apart from accounting, RSB provides services in relation to tax consultancy, GST accounting and implementation service, GST compliance service, startup India assistance service. RSB assist companies in setting up internal controls and various other related services.

RSB offers accounting and other services to companies like traders, retailers, whole-sellers, service providers like consultants, transporters, restaurants, management consultants etc., those who wants outsource their accounting function.

RSB has dedicated and experienced team with focus on working on accounting and internal controls for the clients. In India, small and medium enterprises face challenges in managing accounts with quality accountant and good quality consultancy services.  Now a days this challenge is faced by new entrepreneurs and startups.  Hiring quality accountant become difficult as well as costly affair for companies due to knowledge and understanding business processes.

Major problems faced by Indian SME in hiring an accountant is that there is no periodic analysis report, no systematic record of documents, co-ordination with auditors, support during audits, technical knowledge etc. Another very important is timely availability.

In such situation, due to unorganized accounting, client end up spending huge time in correcting the accounts during audits and tax filings.

Therefore, to overcome all nagging problems,RSB was formed to make your audit and tax times easy.Our full range of services are as under led by specific domain knowledge from accounts and tax.

RSB is India-focused accounting, bookkeeping, tax and outsource CFO service firm, operating in Mumbai, Bangalore, Surat, Jaipur and Ahmedabad.

With our working experience of Indian market and our understanding of Indian accounting and finance needs, RSB offers accounting, account review, Outsource CFO other services finance to both local and international clients.

Working RSB, clients, can get senior, experienced professionals from India. Broadly, RSB offers following services:

  1. Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
  2. Account Manager Service, Finance Controller Service
  3. Account Review Service,
  4. Outsource CFO Services
  5. Startup India Services
  6. Tax and regulatory registration
  7. Tax Compliance and Advisory Service

RSB has divided its segments into various industries to provide industry specific service.

We provide customized service by closely working with our clients to understand their individual business requirements. This enables us to offer our clients the most up-to-date and expert advice for all their unique needs.

RSB’s team consist of trained experience accounting and financial professional and well versed with Indian finance and tax environment. The service offered by RSB Consulting are at very competitive price.