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With growth of business and use of technology, accounting is also no more just a data entry into a software. Increasing business complexities and processes, accountant of the company runs parallel with the entire business decision making.  No decision can be made without proper data analysis and considering long term financial worthiness of the organization. Accountant today play a vital role in any organization. It starts with day to day accounting to various analytical reports to data analysis to cash flow analysis to identifying pay-back period of any transaction etc.

A good accounting team ensure all timely tax and regulatory compliances of the company.

With the help of RSB, you can outsource the accounting work to systematically manage your account department. We write your account professionally with skilled accountants. We help in various business decision making and financial planning of the company.

With RSB, you can focus on your core business activity. Our accountants familiar with generally accepted accounting software’s like tally, quick-book etc.

As a part of activity, we initiate with understanding processes of the company, understand inhouse problems and continuously work to streamline all process.  We help clients in multiple ways and provide customized accounting and bookkeeping service.

We provide following added services apart from accounting entries:

  1. Timely availability – We are available at the request and need of the client to resolve the problem or issues.
  2. Periodic visit– Based on need of the client our accountant pay periodic visit at client location on daily, Weekly, monthly, quarterly basis or based on request from client.
  3. Proper documentation and record keeping:- We ensure proper and complete maintenance of documents and records of the clients.
  4. Accounting software– Our trained accountants have knowledge of key accounting software such as tally, quick-book and many industry specific software etc.
  5. Periodic reports like aged debtors and creditors outstanding reports, Trial Balance– We send periodic reports regarding outstanding, collection reports, turnover reports to the clients on regular basis.
  6. Cash Management– Bank Reconciliation, Collection statement, Cash flow statement
  7. Maintain fixed assets register.
  8. Knowledge of Indian taxes Income tax, Service tax, VAT etc.
  9. All accounting and tax services under single roof– Clients get all tax and accounting services under
  10. single roof with qualified team of people.Follow up for collection of statutory forms (such as C Form, H Form) from customer.

With multiple benefits, RSB helps client in saving time as well money.