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RSB Consultingprovides full range of bookkeeping and accounting service starting with data entry to account review services till finalization of accounts services.

We provide customized services considering need and requirement of the client. We designate accountant for respective client who visit at office of client. Your accounts are maintained by trained and skilled accountant to ensure all reports are correctly available.

Our accounting services helps client to focus on their core business activity and be free from accounting problems. Further this ensures that, there is no headache of hiring and re-hiring an accountant, explaining all business controls and process to new accountant again and again.  Our accounting services or accounting outsource services are divided into following segments:

  1. Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
  2. Account Manager Service
  3. Part-time accountant
  4. Account Review Service
  5. Accounting Consulting Service
  6. Outsource CFO Service

In basic accounting and bookkeeping outsource services, RSB provides service of data entry of sales invoice, purchase invoice, bank, cash etc. This also include preparation of bank reconciliations, party reconciliations, monthly tax computation. Here, RSB enters into the shoes of in-house accountant. This service is as good as hire an accountant in the company.  RSB has specialization into accounting for service providers, traders, whole-sellers retailers etc. In basic accounting service, we provide service in relation to reporting like aged creditors report, aged debtors report, stock statement.  Our accountant co-ordinate with client’s tax consultant, auditor for smooth conduct of audit.  We provide accounting service across India with our physical presence in Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Surat and Jaipur.

Account manager service is suitable for the clients who already has in-house accountant(s) and wants controls of accounts through third person. This is like companies hire an account manager.  Our account manager periodic visit at client place and checks the correctness of accounts written by their in-house team.  In this account manager service, our dedicated account manager resolves time to time account queries and doubts of in-house accountant of the company. This role is as good as outsource account manager services.  This is completely customized based on need of the clients. Account Manager also helps client in taking business decision from finance perspective.

In case company seeks part time accountant, RSB ensure availability of part-time accountant for clients. Clients, who are looking for part-time accountant, we provide part-time accountant, based on need of the clients. There can be different arrangement of part-time accountant like visit for half a day, visit on alternative day, part-time in a month like. Therefore, there can be different kinds of arrangement for the post of part-time accountant.

Account Review Service is provided to clients who also has in-house accounting team and seeks assistant in periodic review of accounts.  In account review service, our accountant periodically visit to client locations and review the accounts written by their in-house team. In account review service, our accountant advise accountant on various aspects to be considered for writing the accounts. The designated accountant provides various report to management or owner of the company based on their needs. In case required, technical assistance is also provided to clients.
Accounting consulting service is at par with accounting manager service and account review service. In accounting consulting services, we provide service of resolving time to time query of the company, assisting clients accounting in some accounting problems. Organizing training for accountants etc.

Outsource CFO/Part-time CFO Service is specially designed product for small/medium size MNCs, who seek high level professional assistance for their finance function.  Our outsource CFO service include assisting clients in taking high value business decisions, evaluating transactions from finance perspective and guiding in decision making. This service assist clients in setting up its own professional business controls, setting up budgetary controls, cash flow preview, business re-structuring decision and review key business decision from finance and tax perspective. Outsource CFO Service is exactly as its own in-house CFO. For more detail please visit our page for outsource CFO service/part-time CFO services
Based on need of client, we provide service by way of periodic visit client office, accounting from our office, Service by way of access to data center (KPO/BPO Service), online access to system remotely (KPO/BPO Service):

Outsource your accounting problems to us and get it done by trained professional accountant. Click here for any accounting service consultation requirement.