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Accounting Consulting Services

industryRSB offers a unique service for based on special request of client i.e. accounting consulting services. Accounting consulting service in related to resolving highly technical queries of the client from financial perspective.

Accounting consulting service is relevant to all types of clients who manage their in-house accounting in a very professional manner and seek on call advisory service on accounting or complex accounting issues.   Examples of such service like assistance in consolidation of accounts, technical or administrative support in accounting work, assistance in collation of all India accounts for management, forex advisory etc. Accounting consulting is purely a consulting from financial perspective of the business.

Under accounting consulting, we offer service of review any, financial planning service, investment advice, vendor analysis, customer analysis, consulting for internal financial controls etc.

Accounting consulting is wide product offers financial planning, tax advice, investment advice, streamlining accounting process etc.

Our knowledge of Indian accounting and tax system helps client taking right financial decision. Contact RSB Consulting today for professional accounting consultation service. 

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