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GST Implementation Service

12.GST Implementation Service

RSB Consulting offers service of GST Compliance implementation to clients who are currently been covered under various indirect taxes regime like Multi-State VAT, Service tax, Excise Law etc.

Introduction of GST will impact any business house i.e. from traders to big business houses.

Implementation of GST would include many aspects i.e. budgeting, pricing, training to team, software upgradation, review of all existing business models and supply chain re-looking in-house accounting team.

As a part of implementation, successful implementation also require that all invoices, arrangement with vendors, arrangement with customers and other stakeholders are in line with GST compliance.

Businesses which have multiple state activity, has to review its entire supply system to ensure smooth flow of credit parallel compliance with State level GST.

Software and system upgradation: Whatever system used by any business client, it will go for substantial change. Introduction of GST will require to ensure system controlled compliances.

RSB Consulting assist client in identifying impact of GST and tax position to be adopted on respective revenue streams. RSB Consulting assist clients in impact analysis of GST in their existing business model. Do you want to know – How does the GST Work? Is excise duty included in GST? Contact us today. 

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