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13.GST Registration ServiceWith Introduction of GST in India, RSB consulting is ready to assist its client in obtaining GST registration and transferring existing registrations under GST regime.
GST registration would be PAN based Registration number therefore PAN will be mandatory for GST. For Non-Resident, documents other than PAN may be prescribed.
There will be single registration application with Central and State Government and State-wise registration for entities having presence in more than one State will be given. Separate application needs to be made for each state.
GST number will be of 15 digit common identification number which will be called as “Goods & Service Tax Identification Number” (GSTIN). GSTIN will be of 15 digit Alphanumeric structure which will be State-wise, Based on PAN, 13th Digit for Business Verticals of entities with same PAN in same State

Existing tax payers will be issued GSTN automatically who are already holding valid PAN. Application has to be made through online application form through Common Portal
Various Forms used for registration are as under:

Annexure Form
III GST registration application form
IV Application form for surrender / cancellation of registration
V Application form to opt for compounding scheme
VI Application form to withdraw from compounding scheme
VII Application form for amendment of registration subsequent to registration


RSB Consulting is ready to offer service of obtaining GST registration to new clients and transfer of existing registrations into GST regime.
RSB with its multi-state presence assist client in single place compliance to clients.

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