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Incorporation Services

taxThe first phase of start of any business is incorporation of a business entity.  RSB Consulting assist client in incorporation of LLP, Private Limited Company and others form of entity:

  1. Incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

LLP is a form of business organization. LLP is a hybrid form of organization having features of a partnership firm under the Partnership Act, 1932 and a company under Companies Act, 2013. LLP is registered with Registrar of Companies.  LLP is a legal entity separate from its partners and have its perpetual succession. There is no limit for number of partners for LLP.

LLP provides benefits of limited liability but also allows members the flexibility of organizing their internal affairs as a partnership based on a mutually arrived agreement.  Liability of Partners is limited except where an act is carried out by the LLP with an intent to defraud creditors or any other persons. There is no maximum number of partners.  LLP has to maintain proper books of accounts.

Incorporation of LLP is very simple process. It start with application for Director Identification Numberfor designated partners and acquiring Digital Signature for proposed designated partners.

Second step is to check availability of name and application for reservation of name in Form 1.  Once name is approved, third step is to apply for incorporation of LLP in Form 2. Here, all documents related to incorporation needs to be submitted alongwith various information. Form 2 is to be signed by designated partners and also certified by advocate/CA/CS cost accountant in practice. Once Form 2 is approved ROC will issue a certificate of incorporation.

Simultaneously at the time of filing of Form 2 or within 30 days of incorporation, file Form 3 – LLP agreement and Form 4 for details of Partners

RSB Consulting assists new entrepreneurs and start-ups in incorporating LLP in India.

  1. Incorporation of Private Limited Company

Incorporating private limited company is the most popular form of business entity among foreign investors to form a subsidiary or a joint venture in India. Private limited company is another form of setting up an entity in India. In case of private limited company, shares are held by small business entities or individuals. Liability of shareholders are limited to their shares.

Benefit of Private Limited Company is that liability is limited. There are certain regulatory requirement as far as number of directors and shareholders are concern.

Process to incorporate private limited company starts with obtaining Director Identification number (DIN), obtaining DSC, apply for name approval etc.

RSB Consulting with its team provide service of incorporation of company in India.

RSB also assist business enterprise in obtaining various tax registration. Please visit our page tax registration service for more details.

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