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Today, business are competing in a complex environment consist of technology, hiring skilled manpower, tax laws, accounting, regulatory requirement, competitors etc.  Among all, accounting, tax and regulatory compliances is not the last one.

Considering the complex business environment and unique processes of each business, RSB Consulting offers customized accounting services for various kind of clients based on industry.

RSB consulting has divided its accounting and bookkeeping service into different sectors and nature of business process. This helps us to depute relevant resource for conduct of accounting activity. This also help to use industry knowledge and provide professional accounting services and GST advisory service to clients efficiently and effectively.

Broadly, our accounting service is divided into various products like basic day to day accounting service, account review service, CFO services, Account Manager Service etc. Based on need and industry requirement, our service sectors are classified as under:

  1. Accounting Service for Start-up and MSME
  2. Accounting Service for Traders, retailers and whole-sellers
  3. Accounting Service for Service providers like IT Company, Management Consultancy, professional firms etc.)
  4. Accounting Service for logistic company like transporters, CHA, freight forwarders etc.
  5. Accounting Service to Hotel & Restaurants and Travel Agents
  6. Accounting Service to Textile Traders and Textile Companies


Our industry knowledge with core competencies into accounting and tax aspects of India is beneficial to client to ensure that accounting activity is conducted in a efficient manner.

You can visit our page for different sector of India for more details.

Industry knowledge helps us to associate with clients and understanding their requirement. We provide all above service with our office at Mumbai, Bangalore, Surat, Ahmedabad& Gurgaon.

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