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Internal Control Services

taxOne of the key aspects of any new setup is setting up internal process, approval mechanism and checks and controls.

In today’s era, setting up internal process and adherence to business process is very important for running business effectively.  There are certain regulatory requirement also attached for the purpose of setting up internal financial controls.

Internal processes help business enterprises to control all business operations effectively in order to smooth running of business.

RSB Consulting provide service in relation to setting up internal business processes and controls keeping management objective. This help client in identifying material risk of errors and fraud within the organization.

RSB assist setting up process for business all financial perspective and identifying all risk and control matrix for an organization.

We assist setting up controls for following process of business

  1. Sales Process: A process to keep track of all sales orders, invoicing, debtors management, collection status, TDS matching process etc.
  2. Purchase Processes: In the same line as above, there are multiple sub-process included in purchase processes. RSB Consulting assist clients & new startups to set up procurement procedure to ensure that all controls and checks are in place.
  3. Collection Process
  4. Treasury control process
  5. Fixed Assets Controls
  6. Business Process etc.

Based on nature of business activity and complexities, RSB help clients in setting up all such processes and controls.

This helps startups to effectively run the business activity with controls.

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