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Outsource CFO Service

Outsource CFO Service/ Part time CFO Service/ Finance Controller


RSB Consulting offers outsource CFO Service which is like part-time CFO Service to its clients. This service offered to mid to large size Indian Indian/Multinational firms who are looking for a professionally qualified person to lead their finance team.

With the use technology, new business environment, the way of doing business has also changed significantly. Correspondingly there is paradigm change in role of finance in any business enterprise. With changing tax laws, regulatory requirement the finance has now become backbone of any organization.

RSB consulting with its vast experience of finance and account domain from Indian business perspective provides outsource CFO service with professionally qualified team of people to help clients for administrative, financial, and risk management operations of the company and to include the development of a financial and operational strategy.

Our CFO are finance expert with multiple role of finance function like budgeting, controlling, treasury, financial planning, funding along with good leadership skills.

The outsource CFO services is relevant to high growth companies that range from a start up to mid-sized company, while the Finance effectiveness service is useful to mid to large Indian /Multinational Companies. Our designated CFO help clients in monitoring and direct implementation of business strategy of the company.

RSB Consulting provides business enterprise with experienced CFO-level talent on an outsourced, part time basis at a fraction of the cost of a full time cost of CFO.

We provide customized service to client as need and structure of any organization differ from company to company.

Management reporting is key for board of directors for any strategic decision making, RSB CFO service helps in setting up process for strong management reporting parameters for management.

With our CFO service, client get advantage of availability Professional leadership skill, organizing finance and budgets, setting up internal controls, streamling treasury operation, access to executive-level skills and experience without hiring a full time position, Bank financing and investor meeting preparation, Financial, business and strategic planning and implementation, Accounting software selection and implementation Tax and regulatory planning,

RSB offers part time CFO Service to all kind of entities such as startups, small MNCs, medium enterprises operating in India etc.

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