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Part-Time Accountant

If you are looking for Part-time accountant, Contact RSB Consulting.

industryThis service is more relevant to clients where volume of work is less than that of role full time accountant. Part-time accountant is more preferred by clients like traders, management consultants and small level service providers. This is preferred by clients where accounting work is more simple and more or less is standardized. The hired part-time accountant work under guidance and instruction of RSB for effectively writing accounts and books of the company.

In case mid-size firm which is completely run by use of technology and information available by use of IT, hiring a part-time accounting is one of the good option.

In part-time accountant, RSB accountant visit client office timely and completes the data entry of all sales invoice, purchase invoice, bank transactions, Cash transactions, debtors’ reconciliations, bank reconciliations.

Instead of hiring full time accountant, client can go for part-time accountant and reduce cost of full time accountant.

With RSB part-time accountant, clients get access to quality and trained accountant and accounts are written in a professional way. Work of Part-time accountant is reviewed by another senior accountant, based on complexity of the business process.

RSB Part time accountant ensures client in complying with all statutory compliance and tax payments.

RSB Consulting‘s part time accountant service provides all sorts of reports like outstanding reports, collection report, tax payment details, fund flow statement, MIS report, Stock review report etc.based on requirement of the client.

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