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Periodic Account Review Services


With rapidly changing economy and business environment, role of an accountant has also changed substantially as it has now become is backbone of any business entity.  In today’s business environment, no financial decision can be taken unless correct and complete financial details are available with management which help them in decision making.

The responsibility lies on accountant to ensure comply with all tax laws, regulatory requirement like Companies Act, 2013 and all other business laws applicable to the company. All finance related decisions like funding, expansion, restructuring, new venture, investment, cash flow review, profitability statement is not possible unless company hire proper and good quality accountant.

Today, accountants are no more a data entry operator but carry lots of responsibility of the company in terms of all compliances which now become more and more complex.  Accounting function has become an integral part of management of the company for all kind of business process.

For the purpose of above, RSB consulting offers multiple accounting services which performs role of an accountant. One of the service is account review service.

Account review service is one of the most preferred product of its client. Account review service offered to clients who has already completed their accounting work through in-house account team and wants to get it reviewed professionally. Account review service is one step before the actual statutory audit and clients wants to ensure that all accounting work is done correctly. This helps client to identify error as early as possible and correct such error.

Account review service is provided completely on a customized basis considering the department or area needs to be reviewed. Account review service helps clients in regularizing all accounting activity on timely basis and ensure that all tax compliances are correctly been followed.


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