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parttimeGrowth of Hotel and Restaurant business is linked to development of tourism industry in India. With growth of tourism industry,  other ancillary industry like work of travel agents, airports, taxi service, hotel, restaurants etc. also grows.  There are various models of hotel industry chains of hotel, in-depended hotel etc.

Hotel, Restaurants and Travel agents must maintain sufficient internal checks and controls to ensure that they provide timely service and all bookings are managed efficiently with customer satisfaction. In order to provide this service, hotels, restaurants and travel agents use some industry specific software which provide details of bookings, arrangements rents, food details etc.  Apart from this, proper accounting and compliance also very vital to ensure all financial controls are properly implemented.

Hotel and restaurants is a industry which is combination of service as well as sale of goods. Food sold by hotels, restaurants are covered under VAT for levy of VAT and rent of rooms is in nature of services. Therefore, it become utmost important to ensure proper accounting of all the transactions.

RSB consulting offers accounting services specific to hotel, restaurants and travel agents. Since this industry which include food and beverages, room rent, banquet service, hall rent, hospitality services, car rent, accounting is managed in a professional manner with qualified accountants of RSB Consulting.

RSB offers such service to small to large size chain of hotels and restaurants considering need and requirement.

RSB consulting offers, professional accounting and tax services to hotels, restaurants, travel agents etc. with following services to Clients as under:

  1. Accounting and Bookkeeping Services (Basic Accounting)
  2. Account Manager Service
  3. Part-time accountant Service
  4. Account Review Service
  5. Accounting Consulting Service
  6. Outsource CFO Service

RSB Consulting has its presence in Mumbai, Bangalore, Surat and Gurgaon to provide above service. Click here for more details.

Government of India wants to promote tourism industry in India and has many policies for benefit of this industry,

Tax  Service: RSB Consulting ensure that all Tax returns such as VAT/CST, Service tax, Income tax, TDS returns are filed well before time. This helps hotels, restaurants and travel agents to be tax compliant company.

GST Advisory Service for Hotel, Restaurants, Travel Agents: RSB Consulting with its specialization into indirect tax with accounting function, will help client in evaluating GST impact analysis. RSB Consulting conducting GST impact analysis for the hotels, restaurants and travel agents.  RSB Consulting is prepared to offer service of GST advisory and compliance service post introduction of upcoming GST in India to hotels, restaurants and travel agents.

RSB Consulting also assists hotels, travel agents and restaurants in evaluating potential changes to be made in accounting system and software (IT Infrastructure) in order to smooth implementation of upcoming GST.  GST will impact entire supply chain with pricing to budgeting of the company. RSB Consulting will assist clients in evaluating all such impact.


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