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Service Sector in India has not only the dominant sector in India’s GDP but also boost up economic growth of the country in terms of employment.

parttimeIndia’ service sector include vide variety of activates like Information Technology Service, Technical Consultancy Service, HR Services, Management Consulting Services, transport service, storage and warehousing service, insurance service etc. are some of the growing domains in India.

RSB Consulting has separate team of accountants for accounting service of Service sector companies. Our Accounting Service will help clients in service industry helps them ensuring proper accounting records, submission of timely and correct accounting records with tax and regulatory department.

Service companies are the ventures which low amount of investment but with high-level intellect.  People in Service sector company are the assets of organization.  Apart from this, effective financial and accounting management system in service company helps in analyzing financial numbers, financial performance, setting up benchmark, identifying pay-back period, projecting future business etc.

Systematic accounting and internal financial controls plays important role to ensure timely and accurate regulatory and tax compliances for all service companies.

RSB Consulting provide a good accounting department with high level professionalism and fully tax and regulatory compliant service.

RSB Consulting offer service of employee Income tax return to service sector company in order to ensure that employees are also tax compliant and tax returns are filed on time.

The only action any service companyhire a good accounting team within a company.  The need of an accountant is not only limited to accounting entries but to participate in business decisions.

Government has also introduced Service Exports from India Scheme for Service exporters through Foreign Trader Policy.

Accounting Service: RSB Consulting offer accounting outsource service to service sector companies like IT Company, HR Consultancy Company, Management Consulting Company, etc. RSB Consulting offer service in following services based on requirement and volume of the client,

  1. Basic Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
  2. Account Manager Service- Leading in-house team of accountant within organization
  3. Part-time accountant
  4. Account Review Service
  5. Accounting Consulting Service

For more details about each service please visit our page.

RSB Consulting has its presence in Mumbai, Bangalore, Surat and Gurgaon to provide above service.

Tax Service: RSB Consulting ensure that all Tax returns such as VAT/CST, Service tax, Income tax, TDS returns are filed well before time.  In case of refund, RSB Consulting helps Service Company in collation of documents, preparation and filing of refund claim etc.

RSB Consulting offer service of claiming benefit of benefit under Service Exports from India Scheme of Foreign Trade Policy

GST Advisory Service for Service Providers (IT, Management Consultants): RSB Consulting with its specialization into indirect tax with accounting function, will help client in evaluating GST impact analysis. RSB Consulting conducting GST impact analysis based on special need of the client.  RSB Consulting is prepared to offer service of GST advisory and compliance service post introduction of upcoming GST in India.

RSB Consulting also assists Service providers in evaluating potential changes to be made in accounting system and software (IT Infrastructure) in order to smooth implementation of upcoming GST.

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