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startupStartups or newly started businesses are the ventures which starts with significant amount of investment. At initial stage itself, systematic accounting and internal financial controls plays important role to ensure timely and accurate regulatory and tax compliances.

A good accounting department with high level professionalism and fully tax and regulatory compliant company helps an entity in long way and also boost confidence/attract of investor.

Apart from this, effective financial and accounting management system in startups helps, startups and new companies in analyzing financial numbers, financial performance, setting up benchmark, identifying pay-back period, projecting future business etc.

Proper and systematic accounting team ensure that all records are stored safely and systematically in terms of easy availability.  Records are kept from tax and regulatory perspective.

The only action any client need is to do is engage with good accounting team within a company.  The need of an accountant is not only limited to accounting entries but to participate in business decisions.

RSB Consulting with a team of accountant helps clients i.e. newly startups and SMEs in multiple ways to streamline accounting department. RSB Consulting helps client in assisting informed business decision.

RSB Consulting provides accounting and other services to new companies and startups from accounting and regulatory perspective as under:

  1. Service in relation to incorporation of new entity (Company, LLP etc)
  2. Setting up internal financial controls

We provide professional accounting and tax services to Start-ups/ SMEs etc. with following services to Clients as under:

  1. Accounting and Bookkeeping Services (Basic Accounting)
  2. Account Manager Service- Leading in-house team of accountant within organization
  3. Part-time accountant
  4. Account Review Service
  5. Accounting Consulting Service
  6. Outsource CFO Service
  7. Tax Services

RSB Consulting has its presence in Mumbai, Bangalore, Surat and Gurgaon to provide above service.

Government of India has introduced many benefits for startups as a project to give business friendly environment to new entrepreneurs. Some of them include compliance based on self certification, tax benefits, debt funding etc.

In order to promote growth of Startups and address working capital requirement government has granted tax exemption to start-up for 3 years.

Tax returns: RSB Consulting ensure that all Tax returns such as VAT/CST, Service tax, Income tax, TDS returns are filed well before time.

GST Advisory Service for Startups and SMEs: RSB Consulting with its specialization into indirect tax with accounting function, will help client in evaluating GST impact analysis. RSB Consulting conducting GST impact analysis based on special need of the client.  RSB Consulting is prepared to offer service of GST advisory and compliance servicepost introduction of upcoming GST in India.

RSB Consulting also assists SMEs and Start-ups in evaluating potential changes to be made in accounting system and software (IT Infrastructure) in order to smooth implementation of upcoming GST.  GST will impact entire supply chain with pricing to budgeting of the company. RSB Consulting will assist clients in evaluating all such impact.


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