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VAT/CST Compliances Service

startupToday, with the use of technology, now all VAT/ CST compliances are online and all information and details are uploaded on the website of state level sales tax department. With the use of technology all applications like application for registration, filing of return, application for statutory declarations are made online with sales tax department (VAT department).

RSB Consulting provide service of Multi-State VAT and CST Compliance service (Sales Tax) to its client. In India, almost all states have respective VAT Act for taxing intra-state transaction. RSB Consulting provide assistance to its clients on many State level/ central level VAT compliances. We offer service of obtaining registration, preparation and filing VAT returns, reviewing VAT/CST returns, uploading various annexures etc. with sales tax department.

RSB Consulting provide service of filing application for obtaining statutory declaration like C Form, H Form, F Form and other statutory declaration with VAT department.

RSB consulting with its office at Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Surat, other various other cities offer service of VAT compliances.

We provide service in relation to filing various intimation, VAT set-off reconciliations etc.

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